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apple cider, nutmeg, and juniper berry


With notes of apple cider, nutmeg, and juniper berry abound in this very unique coffee, the first to be offered from our final 2021 Limited Batch selections.

In June, we evaluated more than 700 batches of coffee produced during the 2021 harvest at Ninety Plus Coffee Estates in Panama. A small number of one-of-a-kind, Limited Batch coffees were selected for online release monthly, including this Urracá Limited Batch.

Urracá Limited Batch: The Story Behind the Name

The Ngäbe indigenous people are the original inhabitants of the Panama highlands and make up the majority of the Ninety Plus Coffee Estates team. This Limited Batch is named in honor of the Ngäbe people.

Urracá or Ubarragá Maniá Tigrí (d. 1531) was a Ngäbe Amerindian chieftain or cacique in the region of present-day Panama who fought effectively against the Spanish conquistadors. Captured at one point, Urracá managed to escape a ship bound for Spain and rejoin his people. He continued to lead the fight against the Spanish until he was killed in battle in 1531. He is remembered as el caudillo amerindio de Veragua (the Amerind leader of Veragua) and adversary of the Spanish Empire), the great resistance leader of Panama. 

Farm: Ninety Plus Gesha Estates
Location: Silla de Pando, Volcan, Republic of Panama
Terroir: Rich volcanic soil, only 400-500 years old
Elevation: 1,500-1,700 meters above sea level
Profile: Urracá Limited Batch
Variety: Gesha
Process: Innovation/Proprietary
Drying Style: Dried in Cherry
Production year: 2021

We roast to order all coffees daily, Monday to Friday, excluding Panama’s national holidays, and ship the next day! Cut-off time is 8:00 am (UTC-5) of the roast day. For wholesale orders please contact us here.

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