The Comandante® x Ninety Plus 10.1 Grinder

    425.00 US$

    Special Edition Comandante® Grinder.

    After much anticipation, founders Bernd Braune of Comandante® and Joseph Brodsky of Ninety Plus are proud to present the Comandante® x Ninety Plus 10.1 Grinder. Comandante® is a coffee industry icon and manufacturer of the best manual coffee grinder in the world. This special edition Comandante® x Ninety Plus 10.1 Grinder forms part of a newly developed Ninety Plus system which includes all of the tools necessary for the home user to release the full spectrum of taste in the rarest and best coffees available directly from Ninety Plus Coffee Estates.

    It is neither MK3 nor MK4 (both of which refer to body style). The Ninety Plus 10.1 edition features a body style with a smoked grey canister, lid, and chassis, a black upper body with the two brands etched. The burr set of the Comandante® grinders is always improving; this is the company’s latest version.

    The grinder, a carrying case, and a coffee storage canister are included. The coffee storage canister and bean catcher are made with the new Comandante® food-grade polymer, making them the best traveling companions for your 10.1 Grinder.

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