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Comandante® is a coffee industry icon and manufacturer of the best manual coffee grinder in the world.

Special Edition Comandante® Grinder.

The Origami x Ninety Plus Brewing Set 10.1 is designed around a 10-gram dose of roasted and ground Ninety Plus coffee

Kone 10.1 is a mini brewing device, designed to cherish 10 grams of Ninety Plus coffees.


Kone Filter 10.1, specially designed for Kone 10.1, aims to deliver maximum clarity to the brew.

Starting: US$0.00

Kone Ring 10.1 provides an elegant base for Kone 10.1

Starting: US$0.00

Brew 10 grams of coffee directly into Savour Cup 10.1 to best cherish Ninety Plus coffees


Use the Serving Pitcher 10.1 to pour into the Sharing Cups 10.1.

Starting: US$0.00

A 10-gram dose of Ninety Plus coffee fills a Sharing Cup Set 10.1 of 4

Starting: US$0.00

The full set of Origami x Ninety Plus 10.1 Brewing system

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