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orange peel, vanilla, white peach


Named for its romantic and subtly seductive nature (2-time Chinese Champion and WBC finalist Jeremy Zhang is among her victims), Juliette is among the sweetest coffees produced by Ninety Plus.

Like rosé versus white or red, it manifests both the clarity of the classic floral and citrus profile of traditional gesha coffee while being balanced with depth and creaminess in the structure.

  • Farm: Ninety Plus Gesha Estates
    Location: Silla de Pando, Volcan, Republic of Panama
    Terroir: Rich volcanic soil, only 400-500 years old
    Elevation: 1,500-1,700 meters above sea level
    Profile: Juliette
    Variety: Gesha
    Process: Dry Fermented/Pulped
    Drying Style: Dried in Musilage
    Production year: 2021
  • We roast to order all coffees daily, Monday to Friday, excluding Panama’s national holidays, and ship the next day! Cut-off time is 8:00 am (UTC-5) of the roast day. For wholesale orders please contact us here.

    Each country’s port-of-entry Customs Authorities have importing regulations that are outside our knowledge and control. Please be aware that there might be importing fees and taxes according to each country’s regulations. The importer is responsible for those charges entirely.

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