Brewing Set 10.1

Starting: USD$212.00

The full set of Origami x Ninety Plus 10.1 Brewing system


Savouring and sharing precious brews is a daily practice for the team at Ninety Plus Coffee Estates, and it has been the dream of Founder Joseph Brodsky to create a brewing system to match the elevated taste experience produced by Ninety Plus. The Origami x Ninety Plus Brewing Set 10.1 is designed around a 10-gram dose of roasted and ground Ninety Plus coffee.

It comes in two color variations that you can select:

Obsidian Set Basalt Set
Kone 10.1 Kone 10.1
Kone Filters 10.1 Kone Filters 10.1
Kone Ring 10.1 (Walnut version) Kone Ring 10.1 (Sakura version)
Savour Cup 10.1 (Obsidian version) Savour Cup 10.1 (Basalt version)
Serving Pitcher 10.1 Serving Pitcher 10.1
Sharing Cup Set 10.1 (Obsidian version) Sharing Cup Set 10.1 (Basalt version)

For years, Ninety Plus Founder Joseph Brodsky has envisioned coffee brewing tools that would maximize taste experience in proper proportion when consuming the best, rarest, and most ecologically produced coffees in the world.

When savouring coffee together at Ninety Plus Estates, we brew in portions of 10 grams – yielding a 150 ml serving which we often share in groups of up to four.

The Origami x Ninety Plus Brewing System 10.1, designed in collaboration with Origami and World Brewers Cup Champion Du Jianing, allows the user to simply brew 10 grams of coffee (utilizing Kone 10.1, Kone Filter 10.1, Kone Ring 10.1, and Serving Pitcher 10.1). The result is 150 ml of precious brew to be cherished by one person in our Savour Cup 10.1 or shared among four people using our Sharing Cup Set 10.1.

For every 10 gram/150 ml serving of coffee, more than 40 cherries have been hand-selected and harvested from shade-loving, low-yielding coffee trees, nurtured ecologically in a diverse forest community of tropical plants and animals. These cherries are then handled several additional times in stages of cleaning, fermenting, pulping, drying, resting, milling, grading, sorting, roasting, and tasting.

So much Ninety Plus love goes into every 10 gram/150 ml portion. Thank you for your appreciation and enjoyment of the coffees created at Ninety Plus Estates.


Ninety Plus collaborates with the best home coffee roasting, grinding, and brewing equipment manufacturers in the world to develop tools that offer an unparalleled connection directly to the magical lands and coffees of Ninety Plus Estates.

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