2021 Holiday Gift Set

Starting: USD$180.50

5 Limited Coffees


In stock

In stock

5 of the most unique Ninety Plus coffees of 2021 were saved to be released as a set for the holiday season. These batches were personally crafted in tiny experimental batches by Founder Joseph Brodsky and his team and represent the cutting edge of Ninety Plus coffee processing technology.

Batch #0196: rosemary, green tea, grapefruit
Batch #0631: cacao nibs, cherry, candied orange
Batch #0477: watermelon jelly, Persian lime, rosewater
Batch #0651: champagne, sage, honeydew
Batch #0626: sake, orange peel, dark chocolate

The Holiday Gift Set includes all five coffees above (5 x 50g roasted or 5 x 60g unroasted).

We roast to order all coffees daily, Monday to Friday, excluding Panama’s national holidays, and ship the next day! Cut-off time is 8:00 am (UTC-5) of the roast day. For wholesale orders please contact us here.

Each country’s port-of-entry Customs Authorities have importing regulations that are outside our knowledge and control. Please be aware that there might be importing fees and taxes according to each country’s regulations. The importer is responsible for those charges entirely.

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